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Welcome to Auto Engineering, your premier destination for top-notch Mercedes-Benz repair and maintenance services in Burlington, Massachusetts. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for precision, our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping your Mercedes-Benz running at its optimal performance.

At Auto Engineering, we understand the unique needs of Mercedes-Benz owners. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to your luxury vehicle, ensuring that it receives the care and attention it deserves. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our skilled mechanics have the expertise and experience to handle any issue with precision and efficiency.


Mercedes Routine Maintenance:
Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the performance and longevity of your Mercedes-Benz. Our team will perform thorough inspections and service procedures, including oil changes, fluid checks, filter replacements, and tire rotations, to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
Mercedes Diagnostic Services:
Is your Mercedes-Benz experiencing an unusual noise, warning light, or performance issue? Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows us to quickly identify and diagnose any problems, providing you with accurate solutions to get you back on the road safely.
Mercedes Suspension and Steering Services:
A smooth and comfortable ride is essential for luxury driving. Our suspension and steering services cover everything from shock absorber replacements to wheel alignments, ensuring optimal handling and stability for your Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes Pre-Purchase Inspections:
Considering purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz? Our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections provide you with valuable insights into the vehicle’s condition, helping you make an informed decision and avoid potential costly surprises down the road.
Mercedes Brake Repair and Service:
Your vehicle’s braking system is crucial for safety. Our technicians specialize in Mercedes-Benz brake repair and service, including brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, brake fluid flushes, and ABS system diagnostics, to ensure optimal stopping power and reliability.
Mercedes Engine and Transmission Repair:
Should your Mercedes-Benz require engine or transmission repairs, you can trust our skilled technicians to handle the job with precision and expertise. Whether it’s addressing engine performance issues, transmission fluid leaks, or complete rebuilds, we have the knowledge and tools to get your vehicle back in peak condition.
Mercedes Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair:
Modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with advanced electrical systems. Our technicians are adept at diagnosing and repairing electrical issues, including malfunctioning sensors, wiring faults, and module failures, to restore your vehicle’s performance and functionality.

Auto Engineering Is Your Trusted Mercedes Mechanic

Why Choose Auto Engineering?

  • Expertise: Our technicians undergo rigorous training and stay updated with the latest Mercedes-Benz technologies and repair techniques.
  • Quality Parts: We use only genuine OEM parts or high-quality aftermarket components to ensure the integrity and performance of your vehicle.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide transparent communication, personalized attention, and dependable service for every customer.
  • Convenience: With our convenient location in Lexington, MA, and flexible scheduling options, we make it easy for you to maintain and repair your Mercedes-Benz without hassle.

Experience the difference of expert Mercedes-Benz care at Auto Engineering. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or learn more about our services. Your luxury vehicle deserves nothing less than the best!

Chris Robinson
The best around
Michelle Sidel
Amazing experience at AE! Kind, fair and honest- will be only using AE for my cars. Thanks!
Dylan Bruce
Rick and the team at AE have been super knowledgeable and helpful during my time with them servicing an '08 Audi R8. I can't think of a better group to have as a resource in the Boston area. Would highly recommend working with them, especially for any tricky problems or higher end vehicles, but I know they do a great job with standard maintenance and your daily driver as well!
J Geise
Shaun and team are experienced, attentive, and responsive - my 645 ci is in really good hands.
Jasmine Kardani
Amazing to work with!
Bryan Calleja
Amazing service!!!!
Kinan Faham
I have been bringing my cars to AutoEngineering for years both for regular maintenance and performance tuning. The AE team meets expectations on all levels. Everybody demonstrates professionalism, expertise, passion for the craft, kindness, humor, honesty and quality. Moreover, the AE team is accommodating when making appointments. When you walk into the shop, you will feel the Adrenaline rush through your veins as you get surrounded by the Audi R8s and RSes in the waiting area. You will also get intoxicated by the [lovely] sounds of German cars going in and out of the shop all day long. AE is a true gem in the greater Boston area. Huge shoutout to everyone on the team.
Christopher Alonzo
AE is only shop you should be taking your German car to in the area. Whether you’re an enthusiast or someone who wants a reliable shop to help you maintain your Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes. Auto engineering is your one stop shop. From regular maintenance to complete engine overhauls or even performance/track day repairs or prep, Rick and his team will get you the right person, the best components, and the best results at a price that will make the stealership service departments obsolete.

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